Something old, something new….

March 7, 2010

Yes, it’s pathetisad, but I do have weddings on my brain today.

Ahem….back to the post.

With a cuppa Darjeeling at the ready and the cat safely outside in the sun, I can drag out my sewing supplies without fear of interruption.

My projects tend to start the same way – inspired by almost anything. Today’s project was inspired by the movie ‘The Devil wears Prada.’ Anne Hathaway’s character has this lovely purse (though hers is done in leather, I’m sure….ick.)

And without further ado, here we go….

This is the pattern I found to use.

And here is the fabric I chose. I love the paisley butterflies.

This is the pattern traced onto freezer paper. I’ve never used the stuff before, but it is amazing. It’s paper on one side and wax on the other. So you can trace your pattern and then iron it on to the paper. I used each piece at least twice, and I prolly coulda done a couple more too…

After several hours of cutting and pressing, I am finally ready to sew the main pieces.

Here is the finished product. I separated the pocket on the front into two and made separate magnetically closing flaps for each.

Here is an inside view. This project meant I also got to use my bias tape maker for the first time! Lotsa fun for me.

No post would be complete without a picture of my inquisitive and lazy cat. He is tired from a day of annoying me and wanting to go outside and come back in.

I’d like to thank the lovely ladies at u-handbag for tips on a zippered pocket and at Craft Apple on how to put in a magnetic snap.


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